In The Know: ZIMAS – City of Los Angeles Zone Mapping System

One of the first steps when evaluating a construction project is to determine what the zoning is on the parcel of land you wish to build on.  In the city of Los Angeles, you can easily determine the zoning on a parcel of land through the city’s Zone Information Map Access System, known as ZIMAS.  The ZIMAS website is administered by the Department of City Planning and is a great resource for starting your due diligence.

ZIMAS allows you to search for a parcel of land by address, APN number, street intersection or legal description, as seen on the sites welcome screen:

After entering in the parcel search information, a digital map will appear; outlining the selected parcel, where users can see the sites boundary’s, easements, shapes and sizes.

Along the left side of the map will be a parcel profile, which includes information such as the zoning of the site (what can be built and how much of it), development incentives that apply to the site (whether it is located within an Enterprise Zone, Downtown Housing Incentive Zone, Etc.), the jurisdiction the site falls within as well as Assessor information, Case information and more.  Users can scroll their mouse over the categories to review the definitions, and many of the documents are hyper-linked, bringing you directly to the appropriate source, i.e.  you can click on the zoning classification and it will bring you to the Zoning Ordinance, explaining in detail what the classification allows.

ZIMAS recently rolled out a new feature which allows users to view the building outline of an existing structure on a parcel of land.  Additional information & instruction on this feature can be seen below:


More information on zoning in Los Angeles can be found at the Department of City Planning.

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